Henna Crowns

“60% of women who have cancer say that the worst part is losing their hair. I want to encourage women to embrace the baldness, have fun with it and get on with fighting for their lives. If you’re having fun along the way, you feel much more empowered and ready to fight the fight.”

Kay Anderson, friend and cancer survivor

Henna Crowns are a bold and empowering way to ditch the itchy wigs, hats and scarves.

Your head is a beautiful canvas, and wearing henna art for a couple of weeks is a healing and empowering way to embrace your baldness.

Leah works closely with clients to create special designs with symbols and patterns that are important and meaningful to them. Leah uses only 100% natural, handmade, gentle henna paste, and she can make special henna blends for people undergoing chemotherapy, if their doctor recommends it.  

In December of 2016, Leah and her henna crowns were featured on 9News!
Click here to see the full segment!

Leah was also interviewed by The Huffington Post UK — click here to read their in-depth interview with the artist about her henna crowns!

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